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Sportwear Hoodie for K9’s with ‘Street Cred’

How cool are these?

Does your pet have street cred?

Available in 7 sizes, 2XL to 9XL, suitable for large dogs.

Instructions for measuring your dog are included at the bottom of the page.

As a guide, my staffy (Cleopatra) is 18 months old and she is a 4XL, however, it is always best to make your own measurements.

Comes in four colours, as shown in the photos below.

Image of dog wearing black hoodie
Image of dog wearing red hoodie
Image of dog wearing white hoodie
Image of dog wearing yellow hoodie
Size reference
Size Back (cm) Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Weight (kg)
XXL 40 52 35 6~9
3XL 45 65 40 9~11.5
4XL 50 70 46 11.5~15
5XL 55 75 50 15~19
6XL 60 80 53 19~22.5
7XL 65 85 55 22.5~27.5
8XL 70 90 58 27.5~32.5
9XL 75 94 62 32.5~37.5

Visual Instructions for measuring Dogs (neck, chest and back)
Instructions for measuring your dog
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Sunglasses (for Long Hair) Collection

Isn’t it annoying when your hair gets tangled in the nose pegs of your sunglasses?

That’s right, I like my hair LBL …! so this has always been a pet hate of mine.

In opposition to the annoyance, Harford Haus will be adding a range of sunglasses to our product list but we will be sure to highlight the styles that are perfectly suitable for long hair.


Love to all,

KC <3

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National Dog Day – August 26

Show your dog how much you appreciate their companionship by spending some extra time with them (whenever you can, but especially) on National Dog Day.
We currently have a limited range of dog products however, we will be adding more products to the store, so your dog can be included in all gift-giving occasions that are held throughout the year.
You can browse our (growing) collection of products here >
Love to all,
KC <3
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Do You Collect Trinkets?

If you are an avid collector like myself, you are definitely in the right place.

People can and do collect almost anything. Myself, I personally collect penguins and I have a friend who collects Elephants (trunks up of course) and another who collects Owls.

Then we have the infamous who are famous for their collections. For instance, Donald Trump collects skyscrapers, Demi Moore has filled an entire house with her doll collection, Sharon Stone collects cashmere sweaters while Napoleon was said to collect countries.

Collections allow people to relive their childhoods or connect to a period of history or to a time they feel strongly about.

Some collect simply for the thrill of the hunt. Collecting is much like a quest, a lifelong pursuit which can never be complete.

You will notice this running theme with many of our products and we hope this makes the process of selecting gifts, just a wee bit easier.

Please let us know if there are any other themes that interest you.

Love to all,

KC <3



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Welcome to the Harford Haus family.

Here at Harford Haus, we are committed to giving our customers the very best, in products, services and experience.

Whether you’re looking for something personal for yourself or buying for someone special, Harford Haus can help you find the perfect gift for anyone. (even the hard-to-buy-for)

We endeavour to always provide the best results, realistic prices and outstanding customer service.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to call or email us.

Thank you for visiting our Haus.

Love to all,

KC <3


iPhone Glitter Cover – This was the very first product offered for sale at Harford Haus